Garage Door Repair Cliffside Park
Garage Door Repair Cliffside Park
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The best tips about garage doors and how to keep them fully functional!

Securing axels and rails

The biggest problem that our company has to deal with when it comes to rails and axels is the lack of proper tightening. On the other hand the lubrication may be inadequate. The proper response is to ensure that the rollers, springs and hinges are properly lubricated. You may use household oil if convenient.

Managing dirt and moisture

Always use a soft cloth so that you do not scratch the delicate surfaces particularly the sensors for the automated openers. Household detergent can work in the absence of a professional product but make sure that it is properly diluted with ordinary water. Use your judgment to avoid electronic parts. Car wax also works.

Garage door sensitivity controllers

This is a safety feature that our specialists in Cliffside Park always pay attention to. The problem is best diagnosed by checking whether the unit reverses direction whenever it is moving up and down. Partial closing means that you need to adjust the height of the screws immediately. Replace the old unit entirely where appropriate.

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