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Here you will get your answers to all your questions regarding your garage door parts.

How do I get rid of the bang on my garage door?

First of all ensure that you are not using too much force when opening and closing. Next, our company would recommend a thorough check on the springs. They could either be broken or dysfunctional. That check will tell you the parts that you need to replace with alternatives.

What is the best way of reducing grinding?

Make sure that all your rollers are in tip-top shape. That means undertaking regular checks and responding to any squeals. If you are lucky, then the problem will require simple solutions such as putting a bit of grease on the bearings and bushings. Also ensure that the bearing plate is not distorted.

What safety mechanisms do garage doors have?

Most garage doors have emergency mechanisms to prevent accidents such as getting stuck in the way of the garage door from happening. Some garage doors use safety beams, while all automatic garage doors should have a reversing mechanism where it stops from moving forward and reverse when it hits something on the way.

Should I get an old door in good condition repaired or replaced?

Even if your garage door is in fine condition and needs part replacement rarely, it is recommended that you replace the door, especially when the support for your current door is thinning. As years go by, government standards often mandate replacing old doors for security or environmental reasons. Also, the older your door is, the more difficult it becomes to find matching parts.

What are the benefits of insulation?

Garage door insulation offers a good number of benefits. The most important of these benefits is making sure that the central heating and cooling system works efficiently. Of course, leaks will make it difficult to maintain the desired temperature in a room. Also, insulation prevents insects and vermin from entering the garage through the unsealed gaps.

Is having windows at the top of the door decrease my garage and home’s safety and security?

Our garage door technicians say that glass windows do not decrease the security of your home and garage. The glass is toughened to withstand pressure and it is translucent so the interior is not visible from the outside. Garage door companies manufacture industrial strength glass for windows for security purposes.

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